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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Challenge # 3: Larger Than Life

The latest Project Runway inspired challenge is called
"Larger Than Life."

Two sets of photographs - 
one in an outfit that represents you on a regular basis
and a second of a more dramatic you.
The "couture," jazzed up, exaggerated version.

Photo set # 1 is me on a more regular basis...studious, serious, shy.
Did you really buy that?  
I'm pretty much a goofball all the time with a flair for the dramatic.  
Perhaps, in my case, the challenge should be reversed.  
The normal me is kinda over-the-top. 
The quieter me would be the dramatic change.
BTW, I don't wear glasses.  
I really liked the frames, but they are just a prop.

Photo series #2:

A Mondo inspired outfit

Outfit #1: A nice tailored, professional look

Outfit #2: Jazzed up with a striped blouse and maroon shoes 

Photo #1: A stylish black & white outfit
(Check out the heels!!!)

Outfit #2: The dramatic version - hot!!!

Join us for the next Project Runway Inspired challenge 
following the show Thursday night!

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