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Friday, August 26, 2011

Sneaker Chic

Last night's challenge on Project Runway was to create sporty but fashionable looks to complement a new line of sneakers. 

Key words from the episode:
Basic with a twist
Denim and leather or suede
Think fashion
Sporty chic
Not too dressy - has to be worn with sneakers

Our Project Runway Inspired Challenge for this week, "Sneaker Chic," is to come up with one look that fits the criteria listed above. All pictures are due by next Wednesday, e-mailed to me at

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Challenge #4: Don't. Bore. Nina.

"classic with an edge, 
streamlined, clean, 
a tailored silhouette"
The description of this Project Runway Inspired challenge.

It's interesting that we all came up with black and beige elements -
definitely classic!

Look #1

Look #2

She even had "Nina" shoes!!!

Look #3

Look #4
(Because I can't leave well enough alone and do an all beige/black post!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't. Bore. Nina.

In last night's Project Runway episode,
the designers had to create something for Nina Garcia,
who is a judge on the show and also fashion director for Marie Claire magazine.

The look she wanted was 
"classic with an edge, 
streamlined, clean, a tailored silhouette."

For this next Project Runway Inspired Challenge,
I think we're going to take it a little "The Devil Wears Prada"
 and create a look as if we worked in the fashion industry.

Fashion forward.
Classic with an edge.

Please e-mail me your photo submissions with a description to by Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Challenge # 3: Larger Than Life

The latest Project Runway inspired challenge is called
"Larger Than Life."

Two sets of photographs - 
one in an outfit that represents you on a regular basis
and a second of a more dramatic you.
The "couture," jazzed up, exaggerated version.

Photo set # 1 is me on a more regular basis...studious, serious, shy.
Did you really buy that?  
I'm pretty much a goofball all the time with a flair for the dramatic.  
Perhaps, in my case, the challenge should be reversed.  
The normal me is kinda over-the-top. 
The quieter me would be the dramatic change.
BTW, I don't wear glasses.  
I really liked the frames, but they are just a prop.

Photo series #2:

A Mondo inspired outfit

Outfit #1: A nice tailored, professional look

Outfit #2: Jazzed up with a striped blouse and maroon shoes 

Photo #1: A stylish black & white outfit
(Check out the heels!!!)

Outfit #2: The dramatic version - hot!!!

Join us for the next Project Runway Inspired challenge 
following the show Thursday night!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trend Alert

Here's the 411 on what's hot:
Red pants, lots of polka dots and leopard print
Thought you'd want to know.

Warning: be very careful if attempting to wear all three at once. There are few people in the world that could pull that look off (or would even attempt to try.)

Why yes, I would be one of them. 
Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Larger Than Life

A new Project Runway inspired challenge we're calling
"Larger Than Life."
In this challenge you will take two different sets of photographs - 
one in an outfit that represents you on a regular basis
and then a second of a more dramatic you.
The "couture," jazzed up, exaggerated version.

Think eye-catching. 
Larger than life.

Please e-mail your photos and any descriptions to
by next Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Challenge #2: Unconventional Wisdom

The second Project Runway Inspired Challenge, 
named "Unconventional Wisdom,"  
is to create a chic outfit using unconventional items from your home.  

For the Unconventional Challenge on the program, 
the designers were taken to a pet store, 
given a budget of $300.00 and a day to create a fashion-forward outfit.  
For these home challenges, 
we are making modifications so that we can participate in a way 
that works in our busy lives as working women, mommies, etc. 

It's so amazing to see the unexpected creativity 
and wonderful originality that the ladies come up with!  

From a deck of cards... this adorable outfit!
What a cutie pie!

This next outfit is made out of a screenprinted tote as a top, 
a dish towel for a skirt, 
a black beaded belt, 
pink shoes, and a pink beaded bracelet:

Fabulous idea
putting the handle of the tote around the neck as a halter.
And I must have those dish towels, though I'm not sure I'd use them in the kitchen -
I'd definitely want to wear them too!

For my outfit, I used a propeller toy as a fascinator, 

wire and ornaments for a necklace,
a skirt layered over a tank top with white crop pants and platform heels,

unrolled a wire kitchen scrubber for my arm,

and used another wire scrubber for a different hair piece. 

I tried to figure out a way to make another hat out of plastic bowls.
Shhh, don't tell Tim Gunn...
I couldn't figure out a way to make this work.
 Join us next week for a new challenge!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Unconventional Wisdom

All right, fashionistas!  The next Project Runway Inspired challenge is called "Unconventional Wisdom."  

Create a chic outfit using an unconventional item from your home.  Key words are Imaginative. Unexpected.  Repurposed.  Think outside of the Box.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  All photo submissions and any descriptions need to be e-mailed to me by next Wednesday -

Did You Happen To Notice...

...the sassy red purse that was part of Noel's "A Nightie On The Town" outfit?
It's a custom-made evening bag covered with flower petals, a fringe trim and a brooch.

One of my original creations!
I am a Purse Girl and love all sorts of bags.

It started with making my daughter purses to match her outfits,
but now I make a variety of bags and will soon open my Etsy store.

Here are a few others I've made:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Challenge #1: A Nightie On The Town

The first Project Runway inspired challenge 
"A Nightie On The Town" 
was to transform a garment used for sleeping into an outfit for a night on the town using accessories, without sewing or cutting.
Here are the results:

 From wearing a silky camisole as a skirt to jazzing up a cotton nightshirt to wearing leggings as a shrug, who knew that pajamas had such potential for a night on the town?

Join us for the next PR Inspired challenge to be announced after tomorrow night's show.  All submissions are due by Wednesday following the show and can be e-mailed to