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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Nightie On The Town

Project Runway launched its new season last night!!! 

We have decided (Noel and I) to do each challenge as well.

Noel is my absolutely fabulous/creative wonder/genius friend with the warmest heart ever.  I had the privilege of working with her to design a Christmas Tea extravaganza, and our friendship was sealed in the midst of furious sewing machine roaring-glue gun blazing-drama overflowing-peacock feather fluffing fun. Last year, she flew out to Colorado for a Project Runway Finale Party.  Though we were crushed that our favorite, Mondo, was robbed of the grand prize, we had a wonderful time putting together our outfits and accessories and hanging out!

Last night, we watched the premier episode while messaging each other on Facebook.  An idea was born:  we are going to do each of the challenges!!!  Modified in ways that make it doable for us, we are going to work on our version, accessorize and take a picture due on the Wednesday after the show.  

The first challenge is "A Nightie On The Town." Transform a garment normally used for "sleeping" and create an outfit for a night out on the town.This will be done with styling and adding other essential pieces, not by cutting and sewing for this challenge.

Will join us on these challenges?  If so, e-mail me a picture by Wednesday following the episode with your version!  Do you have any early favorites from the show?  Which outfit from last night's episode did you like the best?  Did you agree with the judges???

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