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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Animal Portraiture

When the children and I visited the Denver Zoo last year, 
I decided to look for the ART there
vs. taking numerous pics of the kids squinting at the camera.

Presenting...Animal Portraiture:
It was fascinating watching these grizzly bears play 
as they were released into their enclosure.
They were kind enough to offer me a variety of poses:

Even in the middle of a back scratch, this bear held his pose to give me a clear shot.
Just like a professional model.

The head angle, relaxed body and fierce expression...
obviously not new to having its picture taken:

Showing personality is such a key element to a great portrait.
You get a sense of these creatures' personalities in the way they present themselves:

Zooming in on unique features is another key to a great shot, 
like this profile of Monsieur Elephant:

Action shots are always fun too:

Group shots are difficult unless everyone is cooperating.
No Prima Flamingos here, upstaging everyone else.

I spent quite a bit of time with these delightful fellows,
whose temperaments seemed to be total opposites.
Mr. Attitude, alternating between showing me his teeth and yawning with boredom:
And this melancholy guy with his back to the glass.
When the majority of the crowd moved on to another exhibit,
I caught him peeking over his shoulder.

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