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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Avant Garde

Avant Garde =
Advanced Ideas and Techniques.

In the most recent episode of Project Runway, the designers had to create an art piece with students and design an Avant Garde outfit based on the artwork. Since these home challenges are modified to be doable in a week's time with no budget and no sewing, my idea is to choose a picture or color palette on Design Seeds, a fantastic site with inspirational images and color schemes. Come up with an Avant Garde look influenced by the specific palette you choose. E-mail me both pictures of your outfit and the name of the color palette you used to by next Wednesday.  

This will definitely be a "Think Outside The Box/Reinvent The Box" kind of challenge - how exciting!

FYI, some photography and styling tips:
  • Taking your pictures outdoors does generally improve the quality of your photographs, just watch out for strong sun and shadows.  
  • Shoot a series of photos and vary your expression and poses.  Often, the first few are tentative.  But as you adjust your head and body and relax, the pictures get better and better!
  • Styling plays a big part in the success of an outfit too - play with accessories (think Piperlime wall!), make-up (L'Oreal Paris!), and hair (Garnier Hair Studio!)
Though photography is my main passion, I have also worked professionally as a stylist, make-up artist and model.  I'll be adding more tips and ideas as the challenges progress!  

Please join us for these weekly challenges!!!

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